Employee Resources

We all work together to make Comfort Systems USA a success, and our teamwork extends to your benefit. Your health and well-being are important to us, and below, you will find available resources to assist you and your family. Resources include:

  • Bswift: Review your current benefits, make changes, or retrieve important benefit plan information. www.csusa.bswift.com – Bswift – Flyers
  • Prudential 401(k) Plan: Employer-sponsored retirement account can help build and create choices for your future self by saving money (tax-free) from your paycheck. www.prudential.com/online/retirement – Prudential 401K – Join the Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program: Free and confidential assistance for you and your family, which helps with emotional, interpersonal, financial, legal, and/or substance abuse problems. www.guidanceresources.com – Employee Assistance Program
  • Comfort Cares Employee Relief Fund: Helps employees facing financial hardship immediately after a natural disaster or an unforeseen personal misfortune. Funded primarily by individual donations from employees and support from Comfort Systems USA, Inc. www.comfortcaresfund.org – Comfort Cares Employee Assistance Program

SharePoint: https://comfortsystemsusa.sharepoint.com/