Mechanical and Plumbing

DynaTen offers a complete range of services, from conceptual design and estimating to final construction. We are innovators in design-build and design-assist mechanical contracting and have in-house LEED-accredited professionals who understand green building design and construction. We have completed projects using the Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction Processes. DynaTen offers services that provide everything from simple upgrades to extensive retrofits.

Technology and Innovation

We develop innovative approaches to designing and installing mechanical systems. We embrace technology and are implementing unique piping systems pioneered initially in Europe and Canada to improve quality and reduce cost on several projects. We’re also developing and testing special diffuser systems for living units and systems for displacement air distribution for assembly occupancies.

Leaders in Green Design

We have in-house LEED accredited professionals who understand Green Building design and construction. Many of the systems we have developed contribute to LEED accreditation through energy savings and enhanced indoor air quality.

Strict Service Timelines for On-Time Completion

Our success centers around managing those hundreds of tiny items that, if not appropriately addressed, can quickly turn a project from a victory to a disaster. We identify and address necessary milestones related to on-time job completion through our kick-off meetings, coordination drawings, equipment, material delivery scheduling, manpower loading schedules, proactive RFIs, and timely quality assurance. This commitment to planning reduces the number of unexpected costly change orders.

A Single Source for Single Accountability

Our team approach means that you have a core group of committed individuals on your project from start to finish. This single-source approach gives you one contact for design, engineering, and construction services. This ensures project accountability as well as time and cost savings through the elimination of project confusion.

A Solid Partnership Before, During, and After the Job

Your partnership with DynaTen starts long before the construction process. Our Design-Assist professionals are available during the planning phases to provide or augment your team’s design services. GMPs develop from your design team’s drawings which allow construction to begin before the final working drawings. And, once a project is complete, we leverage the team’s knowledge of who provided the construction by having them service the warranty.